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Are you sick of your ideal customers slipping away and perfect employees being hard to find?

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Discover Our Green Mountain Course and Unearth the Secrets to Attracting Ideal Customers and World-Class Employees That Help You Grow Your Landscaping Business...

…Without any massive headaches from overwork.

We’ve noticed that many landscaping businesses have trouble reaching their ideal customers and finding the perfect employees…

It seems like no matter how hard you try, they’re just out of your reach.

But without them, you have to deal with:

Long, 13+ hour days.
Having to work on weekends.
Lousy customers who make your headaches grow more than your business.
A team of landscapers who you have to babysit every step of the way.
Cold dinners away from the family as you’re getting home late.
…And more.

That’s why we came up with the Green Mountain Course!

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Similar to knowledge in our Green Revenue Growth Map, the Green Mountain Course will help you create a

$10 million landscaping empire

– without any headaches.

But unlike the growth map, you’ll receive exclusive access to expertly designed assets and resources such as:

The Social Media Starter Kit– 366 customizable social media posts equipped with copy and high-quality graphics…
Laying the Groundwork: Your Planning Guide to Success– a planner created by our team to help you set daily, weekly and even yearly goals…
A Convenient Guide to Landscaping Sales Strategies– the only e-book you’ll ever need to navigate sales negotiations confidently…
The Path of Sales: Close 90% of Your Estimates– an e-book that will help you go from poor sales to closing 90 percent of your estimates, all the time…

...Each asset in this course was created with landscapers, like you, in mind.

Our team worked hard to ensure that everything– from The Social Media Starter Kit to The Path of Sales– can support a different part of your business...

We’ll coach you through attracting your ideal customers and world-class employees to sealing the deal with a sales call.

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Consistent growth and a strong, reliable business.

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A more reliable tomorrow.

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Fewer headaches caused by a stagnant business, lousy customers and unmotivated employees.